Code of Conduct

Appalachian Soccer Association


The success of our soccer program depends on the collective efforts of, and cooperation among, ALL participants. To ensure the continued success of our program, we have identified the responsibilities of each participant.


1. Inspects fields to ensure that it is safe and playable.

2. Provides well planned,fun, appropriate and challenging practices in a safe practice environment.

3. Creates an atmosphere of fairness, trust, and encouragement.

4. Maintains discipline at all times.

5. Provides well-planned game plan that includes player assignments and probable substitutions.

6. Ensures fair playing time for own team

7. Develops, by example, good sportsmanship in players (i.e.-shaking hands at conclusion of game).

8. Maintains control of players and fans during games.

9. Does not go onto the field to make comments to players or refs during the game.

10. Provide safe and fair games for your team and the opposing team (i.e.- running up the score, aggressive play).

11. Treats players, opponents, and officials with respect and courtesy.


1. Arrives at practices and games at designated times, properly equipped and ready to play.

2. Listen to the coach and diligently tries to follow his/her instructions.

3. Demonstrates enthusiasm by working as hard as possible at all times.

4. Plays the position assigned to the best of his/her ability.

5. Makes no comments to officials during the game.

6. Demonstrates good sportsmanship, win or lose.


1. Informs coaches in advance if dropping off child and who will be picking up the child.

2. Ensures players' arrival at the games and practices, on time and properly equipped and ready to play.

3. Attends practices and games. If unable to, arrive on time to pick up players after practices and games, and arrive early in the

event of bad weather.

4. Provides assistance to the coach by doing small tasks such as phone calls, snack schedules, etc.

5. Encourages the players, cheers and applauds outstanding plays for both teams.

6. Does not criticize the coach or referees in the players' presence.

7. Makes no comments to the officials during the game.

8. Treats players, coaches, opponents and officials with respect and courtesy.


1. The referee is the ultimate authority at all times on the field.

2. Arrives at the field at least fifteen minutes prior to the game to inspect the field and ensure safety.

3. Inspects player's uniforms and equipment to ensure safety and requires adjustments if necessary.

4. Maintains control by calling a consistent, fair and impartial game.

5. Maintains the flow of the game (along with the coach) to not allowing play to become so rough that injuries occur.

6. Maintains the authority by use of the tools at hand: whistle, informal verbal warning, cautions (yellow card) and ejection (red card).

7. Is prepared to name the infringement and specifics such as, "throw in illegal because of lifted back foot."

8. Stops play immediately upon recognition that an injury has occurred and signals the coaches onto the field.

9. Treats players, coaches, spectators and other officials with respect and courtesy.

Who is required to sign the Appalachian Soccer Association Code of Conduct? A parent or guardian from each family, all players, coaches, assistant coaches and referees. The game of youth soccer is for the benefit and enjoyment of the players.

Coaches, parents and referees are present to facilitate and ensure a fun, rewarding experience.

I have read and understand the Appalachian Soccer Association., Code of Conduct. I agree to abide by this Code of Conduct while involved in any Appalachian Soccer Association soccer activity. Failure to comply with the Appalachian Soccer Association Code Of Conduct, may result in disciplinary action by the Appalachian Soccer Association Board of Directors.

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