Appalachian Soccer Association : Parent Information

ASA Parent Information Sheet

Welcome to the Appalachian Soccer Association. We are glad to have your participation. The information below will be a benefit for you to keep as a reference for the season. This is a working volunteer organization. We're always looking for people to volunteer and help.


Contact us with any questions or suggestions that you may have.

MESSAGE LINE: 276-880-4712

This is primarily used for game schedule revisions or cancellations. If there is inclement weather, please call the message line and check to see if games are cancelled or delayed. Leave a message If you have any questions.

Website :

The website will provide you with various forms as well as other information pertaining to ASA.

SMOKING POLICY: NO SMOKING is permitted on or around the fields at any time.

Parents, family and friends of the player need to stay on one side of the field/ AND the coaches and the players on the other.

GAMES: Games will be played at Lebanon High School. There are restrooms available for use at the school. Please arrive 15 minutes before game time.

GAME CANCELLATION/RESCHEDULE PROCEDURES: Weather warranted game schedule changes will be determined approximately 90 minutes before the scheduled game. Please check the message line if in doubt. Just because a 9am game is cancelled doesn't mean all games for that day will be cancelled so please listen carefully. NOTE: If it thunders at any time during a

game, this means there is lightning in the area, and everyone will be asked to clear the fields immediately. If it is a temporary  weather situation, such as a quick rainstorm, it may be possible to play through as long as there is no thunder. Referees will make this decision.

PRACTICES: We are so thankful for our volunteer coaches. As soon as teams are arranged, coaches will contact you and let you know when and where practices will be for your team. They are typically one or two days a week. Also you may be asked to sign up to bring a snack and/or drink for the team after one of the games and your coaches will discuss this with you when they contact you.

PLEASE MAKE SURE your child has water at the practices and at the games. It Is a good Idea to label their water bottle as there are several children on the fields and it's easy to lose one or get them mixed up. It Is helpful if your child brings a ball to practice. Please

label It with your name. The ball sizes vary according to age categories: PRE-K, U6 & U8-size 3 ball, Ul0 & U12_size 4 ball, u14 _size 5 ball.

UNIFORMS: Coaches will be passing out your uniforms (jersey and socks) to you when they arrive. Each player must have shin guards, BLACK shorts with no zippers or buttons, the team jersey, team colored socks and either tennis shoes or SOCCER cleats

(with NO TOE CLEAT at the very end). You may wear clothes underneath your uniform, but there can be no zippers. You might want to dress in layers as the early morning games can be a bit chilly some mornings and then warm up later those mornings. If you have

any questions, your coach can answer them for you.

PICTURES: Pictures will be taken Inside of Lebanon High School. Please have your picture taken even If you aren't buying photos. Others who are buying pictures would like to have all of their teammates pictured, If possible. If you miss picture day please come for make-up pictures. The coaches will pass out the pictures when they arrive.


Pre-K Division: Learning basic soccer skills. Coach on the field and parents are encouraged to help.

U6 Division: 5 on 5 players, no goalies, (2) 15 minute halves with a 10 minute halftime. Coaches may be on the field the 1st half of the game only.

u8 Division: 6 on 6 players, Including goalies, (2) 20 minute halves with a 10 minute halftime. No coaches on the field.

U10 Division: 7 on 7 players, Including goalies, (2) 25 minute halves with a 10 minute halftime. No coaches on the field.

U12 Division: 8 on 8 players, including goalies, (2) 30 minute halves with a 10 minute halftime. No coaches on the field. Might have several travel games.

U14 DIVISION: 11on 11 players, Including goalies. (2) 30 minute halves with a 10 minute halftime.  No coaches on the field. Will have travel games.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If a team does not have enough players, the opposing team may loan players to allow play, or play a smaller side game (i.e. instead of 5 on 5 they may play 4 on 4) if the coaches agree to do so. Coaches also have the option of playing up (i.e.

instead of 5 on 5, they may play 6 on 6). This is entirely up to the coaches depending on player turn out.

REFEREES: Have the final and ultimate say on and around the fields. DO NOT yell at the referees. DO NOT make rude or smart remarks at or about the referees. If you are asked to leave the field for any reason by a referee, please do so and rely on the contact

avenues listed above. Remember, referees are just doing their job and they are someone else's child. Their parent could be sitting right next to you, so treat these referees as you would want others to treat YOUR child.

FIELD UPKEEP: Everyone who helps set up the fields and keep them maintained, as well as coaches and board members, is a volunteer and is not paid. Please help keep the fields looking nice by making sure all of your child's trash is thrown away in a lined trash can.


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